[Watch] The Fam Surprises Breast Cancer Warrior Shaun Jenkins!

Shaun Jenkins is a true warrior!  Her story of battling Multiple Sclerosis and breast cancer not only inspires you to continue to fight but her community service will motivate you to make a difference.  She shines her light on all and gives strength to those who feel defeated.  We surprised her with a spa gift card, tickets to Love Jones: The Musical, Little Mo’s book ‘Taming Lil Mo’, pink roses, and other KYS goodies!  Her dear friend Katrina Branch sent the The Fam an email asking us to hightlight her as the Wednesday Women Crush Warrior! Here is the email Katrina submitted:

Good morning,

I saw your Instagram posts regarding your spotlight on Breast Cancer Survivors and Fighters throughout the month of October and would like to recommend a dear friend of mine to be featured in one of your segments.
Her name is Roshaunda Jenkins and she was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, a very aggressive form, less than a year ago. She has undergone surgery to perform a double mastectomy and reconstruction. She has chosen to fight her cancer through holistic practices and overall health, rather than going the traditional route of chemotherapy and/or radiation. She is strong and keeps pushing forward, despite the odds against her!
Shaun is an inspiration to so many of us! A few years ago, she was also diagnosed with MS. Since then, she has decided to be a survivor rather than a victim and now offers free Zumba classes in various locations in D.C., including her events called “Zumba for Tatas” that bring fitness and awareness together for the community. She is also a hair stylist and makes custom pieces specifically for women who experience hair loss due to chemotherapy or other medical conditions.
She has turned her diagnoses into opportunities to help women across the D.C. metropolitan area improve their health, encouraging women to eat healthy, exercise, and get screened for Breast and other cancers.
She works closely with Breast Care for Washington and has been featured on ABC7 news and on stage at the Susan G. Koman Walk to End Breast Cancer earlier this year.
Shaun’s light shines so bright and I am honored to call her my friend. I pray that you would consider having her on The Fam in the Morning show to help spread her greatness even further, and to help other women be inspired.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration of my dear friend, Shaun.

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