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Friday The 13th is the best and the worst day ever!

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It’s the best because everyone loves Friday, but the number 13 happens to be the most unlucky number in the whole numerical system.

And when Friday and the number 13 get together, well, things can get murderous or a little scary to say the least.

Rappers love to “murder” their competition on tracks, so it’s no surprise that many rappers have referenced the 1980s classic film Friday The 13th.

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GlobalGrind rounded up our 10 favorite hip-hop references to the unlucky day. Check out all the hip-hop references to Friday the 13th below!

Big Daddy Kane“Ain’t No Half Steppin”

Lyric: “It’s Friday the 13th and I’m a play Jason.”

Jay-Z –“Regrets”

Lyric: “My hand got this pistol shakin/ cause I sense danger like Camp Crystal Lake.”

Nas – “Made You Look (Remix)”

Lyric: “Friday the 13th my CD drop, I rhyme to more Base than EZ Rock, I’m Jason”

Nicki Minaj- “My Chick Bad”

Lyric: “It’s going down, basement/ Friday the 13th guess who’s playing Jason/tuck yourself in you better hold your teddy/It’s nightmare on Elm street and guess who’s playing Freddy”

Black Rob – “You Don’t Know Me”

Lyric: “Straight up out of Crystal Lake just like Jason.”

Eminem – “Criminal”

Lyric: “Shit, half the shit I say, I just make it up/To make you mad, so kiss my white naked ass/And if it’s not a rapper that I’ll make it as/I’ma be a f*ckin’ rapist in a Jason mask.”

2pac – “Got My Mind Made Up”

Lyric: “You best believe, to MC’s I’m the deadliest disease / My thoughts rip ya throat and make it hard to breathe / Ya whole camps under siege, and I’m Jason Voorhees.

A Tribe Called Quest– “Lyrics To Go”

Lyric: “Bogle at the party then you got the bogle-ation/Decapitating foes yo ask if my name was Jason”

Lil Kim – “Black Friday”

Lyric: “It’ll be a murder scene/I’m turning Pink Friday to Friday the 13th”

Geto Boys – “Mind of a Lunatic”

Lyric: “Flashes. I get flashes of Jason. Give me a knife and a many lives I’m wasting.”

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