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HOMETOWN: Port Huron, MI

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Quincy & Rod, Donell Jones, Pharrell, John Mayer, Michael Jackson

  • Quincy & Rod are gems! Blair Taylor (EVRYWHR’s producer) and I have studied the both of them, and have been blessed to acquire the chemistry that they possessed. These two men have shaped the way we listen to music, melody &a Lyric.
  • Donell Jones’s Where I Wanna Be album is what inspired me to write my first song. I loved the album so much, and when I looked at the writing creds, he had written and produced each song. I believe the music is more personal when you know it comes straight from the artist performing it.
  • Pharrell has mastered the art of career longevity, and has been a consistent pioneer for music and pushing culture forward. From N.E.R.D. to The Neptunes, behind the scenes, and center stage he is nothing less than incredible. I’m honored to be raised during a time when he creates music.
  • John Mayer is one of the greatest writers I’ve listened to in my life. He’s studied the greats and found a way to tell stories his own way. He’s a living legend and the honesty of his lyrics is perfect.
  • Michael Jackson was put on this earth to do exactly what he did…inspire the world to come together. He unified us all, and reminded us of what it means to be human.

MUSICAL INSPIRATIONS: Sade, Isaac Hayes, Andre 3000 and Kendrick Lamar

  • Isaac Hayes was a master collaborator. The way he utilized instruments and vocalists alike to make his music to tell vivid stories was genius!
  • Andre 3000 has evolved before our eyes into his own making of cool. He is free in his expression both musically, and in fashion. I’m on a constant journey to stay on my own path, and live in who I’m called to be daily. Andre is a constant reminder that I am enough as is, and it’s beautiful to see the world in a way that may seem different than others.
  • Kendrick Lamar is more than a voice, he’s a cause. He’s selfless with his truth, and his records offer you the perspective of your peers. He deserves all that he’s worked for.

BIGGEST BREAK THUS FAR: The premiere of my video for “Mother To Be.” In my years of creating, I’ve always wanted to tap into a place of creation that was both honest, and showcased my ability to express myself as a writer of elite caliber.  Ira Glass articulates this feeling in a quote he has about closing “the gap” between our taste, and our abilities as creators. I’ve truly achieved something great in my artistry with the release of “Mother To Be,” and I’m ready to watch it unfold and touch the lives of anyone who’s willing to listen. I’m thankful to Shannon and Zion for their inspiration; without them, none of this would be possible.


  • Son of Motown, Rod Temperton, Curtis Mayfield, Lenny Kravitz. Motown gave me a foundation for being able to speak about everyday life in music while making it cool.
  • Rod Temperton is arguably one of the greatest writers to bless our industry, and the way he found a pocket for the groove in his day was amazing.
  • Curtis Mayfield was always one to speak up for the voiceless, and address the elephant in the room with his artistry. He held such a responsibility for his community, and made amazing music to pioneer the theme music for his generation.
  • Lenny Kravitz never played it safe in my opinion. Whether it was his music or appearance, I appreciate him for pioneering a resurgence of black rock. I always loved many types of music coming up, and “Fly Away” was an eye opener. His energy oozed freedom.

WHAT DO YOU WANT FANS WALK AWAY WITH? Authenticity. In my journey toward giving of my best self in artistry, I began to give of my truest expression instead of looking to impress others.  I believe this is a battle that many artists in the pursuit of success come in contact with.

WHAT’S NEXT? I’m releasing my EP entitled “Shannon” in mid May.  It’s a dedication to love, and the perfect project to awaken minds to the possibility of new beginnings in developing Love, Freedom & Community (family).

Listen to EVRYWHR, here.


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