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Karlie Redd and Ceaser are a thing, for now, and Karlie Redd confirms what we’ve been reading on #TheBlogs during tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. The scene is, Karlie Redd’s store opening event. Yung Joc is shocked and Karlie claims this is payback for him hanging out with Tommie. Joc takes it well and basically tells Ceaser that he’ll be over it soon enough because all Karlie does is play games.



In Rasheeda and Kirk drama…

Kirk still hasn’t gotten a DNA test, but he might not have to because there’s another plot twist! Some guy named Logan shows up to Rasheeda’s boutique and tells her that he used to deal with Jasmine and that she told him she was pregnant with his baby, but later on told him that she had an abortion because he broke up with her. Then she pops up, months later, claiming that she had a baby by Kirk! You see where this is going, right?

Logan has receipts too. Now he has to get a DNA test. He’s not happy about potentially being tied to Jasmine like this, but he would like to know if he has a child in the world, and so would Rasheeda, since her trifling husband hasn’t gotten a DNA test yet. Rasheeda also mentioned to Kandi, who paid a quick visit fresh off the RHOA reunion, that Kirk having a side baby is a deal breaker…maybe, but she’s not sure what she wants to do because they have history and all that jazz. Chile…


Anyway, there’s a girls trip to Jamaica going down. Karlie’s local connect is Spice, a dancehall artist. Mimi, Melissa and Karlie arrive a day ahead of the other girls. This is part of Karlie’s plan to have Mimi and Melissa sort their drama out. Basically, Mimi feels some type of way that Melissa is still cool with Joseline and that she’s trying to get people to be cool with her again. Their peace talk doesn’t go well because Mimi is being petty. Mimi says she can’t be cool with Melissa if she’s going to be cool with Joseline. Melissa is disappointed and still wants to be homie-lover-friends with Mimi again, but it’s not happening. Now they have to coexist for a week on this Jamaica trip. Awkward.

The next day, Tammy, and Dime show up and even manage to squash their beef. Then Rasheeda pops up because she decided she needs some chill time…and to spill the Logan tea to the girls.  So far, this girls trip is relatively drama free, but you know how girls’ trips always go in reality TV world. It’s only a matter of time before something happens—as in, the next night at dinner.

Basically, Joc crashes the trip with Treasure, the stripper that Dime knows from back in the day and has beef with. Joc is obviously playing games too because that’s what he and Karlie do to each other. Next week, Treasure catches fade from Dime, but we also get back to the Jasmine/Logan situation. Jasmine’s side of the story is that Logan is stalking her and that there’s no possible way that he’s her son’s father.


Anyway, we’ll be back at it again next week.


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