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Tyra Banks

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Tyra Banks is a proud yet protective new mommy who has been adamant about keeping her son’s pictures off social media. So we the people were pleasantly delighted to see her shared a photo of her gorgeous 1-year-old son York on Father’s Day. But as it turns out, this wasn’t a decision she came to willingly.


The America’s Next Top Model host stopped by Late Night With Seth Myers and explained what led her to post the pic.

“It wasn’t so much that I was itching for the world to see him. I went to a restaurant for Father’s Day with my son and my dad. It was by the ocean and my son was, ‘Awa! Awa! Awa!’ Water. And so I was like, ‘OK, you’re going to get in the water for the first time.’” Banks said.

As they were the restaurant, Banks says she spotted paparazzi taking pictures. “I’m trying to hide him with a blanket. I pull over the gas station after they get the shot, I text his dad [Erik Asla] and I’m like, ‘I’ve got to put this picture out before the paparazzi. I don’t want them to make money off our child and have the first picture.’ So, I posted the damn picture,” she explains. “The next day, there ain’t no paparazzi pictures, ’cause mama knew how to hide that camera. She’s a supermodel for a reason! And so now his picture is out there and I didn’t need it to be!”

When host Seth Meyers called out little York’s already impressive “smize,” Tyra swooped in to guarantee that it’s a natural ability. “I am not a stage mom. I don’t want you think that I’m saying, ‘You ain’t gonna get no peas and carrots if you don’t smize!’ He has that natural thing; I had it when I was young, too. But I do not want him to model. Lord! But he has that thing. Look at him!”

Catch the full interview below.


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