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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood features a crossover situation. Teairra Mari and Cisco, yup, Creep Squad Cisco from New York, are “in love!” Basically, they knew each other from Teairra’s Roc-a-Fella days (he’s a producer, in case you forgot), but “the timing never worked out.” Now they’re here. Basically, Cisco is following in Rich Dollaz’s footsteps Teairra convinced Cisco to give LA a try for a bit and wants him to meet her friends. He’s apprehensive, but they’re “in love,” so he agrees to meet them (that would be Zellweger swag, Moniece and Nia). However, you already know that her friends don’t like him.


Safaree has an event to launch his coconut oil and allows Chanel West Coast to perform. This is his way of seeing what she has to offer talentwise but who cares! You know what events on this franchise are really for, right? Fighting! Brooke Valentine heard that Jade would be there, so she rolls up with Nia to see what’s up. And I will *refraining from making anymore “Girl Fight” references.

This is also me trying to refrain…


Brooke’s ‘Girl Fight’ Apple Music checks are probably popping from all the rediscovery downloads.

Anyway, Brooke steps to Jade with all attitude and Jade seems clueless at first, but then she figures out that this stankness is due to Marcus, their boyfriend. He’s obviosly lying to both of them, but Brooke is lowkey trying to turn this into a he’s mine, you may have had him once, but I got him all the time kind of situation–word to MoKenStef. Anyway, Chanel West Coast makes it clear that she has her girl Jade’s back and eventually Brooke stands down. Crisis averted for now.


Later on, Brooke confronts Marcus about this at a cigar shop and he immediately starts trying to game her and claims he’s getting a divorce and that she’s the only one for him.


She’s fake mad for now, but she’ll be back for more.

Ray J is in the studio working with Hazel E  because he lost the sperm count bet. And guess what, he still hasn’t told Princess that he’s almost shooting blanks. Safaree is present at the session and then Cisco comes through because he’s looking for a West Coast version of the Creep Squad.


Cisco reveals that he’s dating Teairra, but Ray J doesn’t bat an eye. He wishes them well and it looks like Cisco might actually get his West Coast Creep Squad crew.

Ray and Princess have a dramatic moment where Princess is devastated over yet another negative pregnancy test (she was hyped up because her period was late). Ray comforts her while she’s in tears, but still won’t tell her that his swimmers are weak.


A1’s deal this season is that he’s launching a record label. About that… there’s a female rapper he wants to sign, but Lyrica, who is also on his label, is not having it (and neither is her mom). In fact, he’s so tight about the situation that he brings Lyrica to the artist and her rep to explain why he can’t sign her. There’s some push back from the women. They want to why she’s so insecure. Lyrica claims she’s not intimidated. Lyrica’s thing is, A1 can’t work with another female artist until her project is done, but it still sounds like she feels some type of way about another woman being on the label. If it’s a pig then it’s pork.


But #LettucePray that A1 doesn’t go the way of Kirk Frost because this storyline sounds very familiar.

Now we’re at the Cisco, Teairra and friends dinner. In short, it does not go well. Zell, Moniece and Nia are judgy from the jump and give Cisco the third degree. Moniece definitely goes in. She’s being petty because there was an incident where he called her a b–ch. Instead of going off, Cisco chucks the deuces. Teairra, drunken and teary-eyed by now, tells her friends that she feels personally attacked and unsupported. Eventually she runs after Cisco to apologize for her friends and to try to get him to stay. He doesn’t want to stay and gives her an ultimatum, either she goes back inside with her friends or she goes with him. She chooses her man, who Moniece hysterically pointed out earlier resembles Uncle Fester. Anyway, the good news is that Teairra’s case got dismissed (the Uber driver incident), but she’s definitely still a train wreck and messing with Cisco is going to end in more drama for her. His behavior during his time on the franchise has shown us nothing else. It’s no wonder T’s friends don’t trust him.


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