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A Texas nursing student has the entire the Internet giving one textbook the side-eye with its racist description of Black people.

A woman named Jazmine Lattimore posted an alarming entry from her textbook, Journey Across the Life Span: Human Development and Health Promotion, on Facebook. The passage, titled African Americans, goes on to describe Black people as such:

Supposedly, the aim of the section was to explain how best to treat patients of different race and ethnicities. As such, Jezebel reports that there are also sections on Native Americans, Latinos, Asian, and White people.

According to the book, “Native Americans communicate in moderate tones; talking loudly is considered rude. Direct eye contact is unacceptable even between friends. Touch is acceptable between friends and family. There is no touching between strangers.”

The paragraphs on Asian Americans doesn’t seem to acknowledge Indian people as being Asian. The book says, “The primary language of Arab Americans is Arabic, but most have some mastery of English.” And White people are apparently rather cold.

Authors, Elaine U. Polan RNBC MS PhD and Daphne R. Taylor RN MS, probably had good intentions while writing this section, but they went about all the way wrong. This section of the book seems to be written by anthropologist–or even a zoologist–because it almost talks about every racial group like they’re animals. And it paints everyone with a pretty wide brush.

Amazon touts the book as being “what you need to effectively care for your patients in the ever-changing world of health care,” but it’s only got a two-star rating. We see why!


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