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Five Police Officers Killed During Anti-Police Brutality March In Dallas

Source: Ron Jenkins / Getty

If you’ve ever felt the urge to stop and monitor police for your fellow citizen’s safety, here’s why you should stay.

Twitter user @GhettoNasuko could have been killed if it wasn’t for dozens of witnesses who saw her and a boy being beaten.

She intervened after seeing cops stripping and beating a boy in her neighborhood.

Thankfully, more neighbors followed her lead and stopped the situation from escalating further.

She posted Sunday (October 8):

“So my dumb ass uses my body to cover this little boys. And screams at them to stop, SCREAMS that he’s a child, leave him alone… One cop actually stops. The other kicks me dead ass in my face. Tells me “being a hero not gonna get you anywhere, get up and go home… Dude I held that boy tight like he was my own child. They were trying to pull me off him and I wasn’t doing it… Cop punching me in my back and all. I have bruises there too. Yelling at me to mind my business. I told the little boy he gonna be ok… All I hear is people yelling now. I’m not looking up. Still being punched. Then I hear this nigga draw his gun. I never cried so hard yo… My nigga dying is already scary but to think a cop about to shoot you gotta be the most heart stopping shit I’ve ever been through… Idk who lives on farmers bro but I swear the whole blvd was standing there. Screaming at these cops. They the only reason I’m home.”

Read her full story below:

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