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Certain artists just seem to tap into a next level relationship with their fans. J. Cole made headlines when he visited a special few houses to play 2014 Forest Hills Drive before it was released, and Kendrick Lamar received praise after  buying one of his disabled long-time fans a wheelchair accessible van. It’s safe to say that though it might not always get that reputation, hip-hop is no stranger to treating some fans like royalty, but that’s where SZA differs from them all.

Most artists make it into the spotlight whenever they do something especially heart-warming for their fans, because it’s not an everyday occurrence. This isn’t to bash said acts for not treating each individual supporter like royalty because that’s simply not feasible for most, but SZA seems to have managed to do just that with her fan relationships.

With music that’s so heart-wrenchingly personal, those who are consumers of CTRL and SZA’s music prior feel like their connection to her is far deeper than just fan-to-celebrity. Reaching milestones like her first platinum record and making it onto the Billboard top 20, it would be easy for the “Weekend” singer to get caught up in her whirlwind success and scale back her ultra-personal fan relationships–but that couldn’t be more far from what actually happened. Through SZA’s newfound mainstream identity and total domination, it seems like she’s only grown closer to those who love and cherish her and her music, and that’s not hard to recognize.

SZA’s intimacy with her fans definitely doesn’t go unnoticed, but deserves just as much recognition as she gives back into the world. Here are just a few examples of times Solana went above and beyond to show her fans how much they mean to her:


When a venue is turning away 18 year olds even though they specifically lowered the age limit, SZA will personally call the venue and go in on them on Twitter:

She has a knack for remembering people and faces, and when she tells a fan they’ll get a SZA follow…they get that SZA follow:

Everybody who has a CTRL tattoo–and there’s a lot of y’all out there–still gets SZA excited, and she’ll take pictures with all of you:

Even though she undoubtedly gets a million gifts at every stop of her tour, she values them and keeps them all:

SZA tries to get to spend personal times with everyone she can, even if that means saying a prayer through a fence just to achieve that special moment:

She isn’t letting anybody scam her fans by using her name in vain:

Sometimes she’ll just arbitrarily remind us all that she’s grateful for the support:

And if something serious gets in the way of your concert funds, she’ll make sure you get to see her show no matter what:

When most relationships with musicians end up being one-sided through fans knowing so much about an artist who doesn’t acknowledge their existence, SZA has mastered making her fans matter in a way that’s more than monetary.

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