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Source: Anwar Carrots / Courtesy of Darian Steward/Original Fani

Anwar Carrots spoke with Josh Peas for The Hundreds blog about his long road to success in the streetwear game.


Following a huge 2017 for his Carrots brand, the South Central LA native’s goal of becoming “the Martha Stewart of streetwear” seems realistic.

With co-signs Puma, Virgil Abloh, The New York Times and K-Swiss, he’s well on his way.


Read an excerpt of his interview with longtime partner Josh Peas below,  and check out the full piece here.

You talked a little about being your own boss. So tell me when you started your own brand.

Literally, just like when I got fired, just let it sit in for a week… I was like, Well, fuck.

Chandler said, “Just do another brand.” My mom was saying the same thing. Everybody’s like, “Just do another brand.” I said, “What do I call it, Carrots?” Carrots by Anwar Carrots.

It was like Polo by Ralph Lauren, but it’s just Polo, he’s just referencing a sport to play off as an ethos from the beginning, but it ended up being more about Polo. Same shit, Carrots is bigger than just the vegetables itself.

So tell us a little bit about Carrots the brand. You mentioned earlier, it’s simple by nature. Break it down for us, even your script is your signature, right?

The signature came from when I did the Puma shoe.There was that carrot, I wanted more to it because the leaf I did was one leaf with one stem, it was nasty.

I said, “Uh, Chandler, we gotta clean this up.” Just like we did the Peas & Carrots logo, we gotta clean this up, give some weight to it, give it some symmetry. I wanted something clean.

Just like how we did Peas & Carrots, I looked at Crooks & Castles and that ampersand. Carrots more so it was like, how can I sell this name and make it look clean and nice? Like Chloe. How do you sell the name Chloe to someone whose name isn’t Chloe? Wordmarks stood out to me, I liked how it looked with the serif.

Something like Chloe but our own font. It was clean. Chloe is more geared towards bags, but I wanted Carrots to be a bunch of different shit, kind of like Chanel, but I didn’t want a Chanel font.

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