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Chevy Traverse

Source: Xilla Valentine / No Kable Productions

With a little less than a week until Christmas, some of you are probably preparing to go on a road trip. Some people love road trips, some people hate them. They can be stressful. Especially when dealing with family and friends, their music might be annoying, coordinating might be an issue or they may have a weak bladder and want to make a million stops.

I recently read a poll conducted by Chevrolet and Harris Poll where they asked parents about what makes a road trip great. Most Black parents believe that six hours is the perfect road trip length. That’s a long time and you have to get your mind right to deal with that. So here are 5 tips for surviving a road trip.

Chevy Traverse

Source: Xilla Valentine / No Kable Productions

1: Great Podcast. During my trip to Deleware from New York in the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse we utilized the USB outlets, 4G LTE Wi-Fi and Apple CarPlay to share great podcast. We listened to The Read, Awards Chatter and Flagrant 2 Podcast during our trip. The time flew by and we laughed the entire way there.

2. Great Snacks and Pre-Planned Food Stops – It’s always good to have great snacks in your bag whenever you travel. Water, gum, chips or whatever floats your boat. Equally important is knowing what you want to eat before you see it. We ended up at a Roy Rogers, which wouldn’t have been our first choice but that’s was the last spot for miles. Good food choices help add to all the fond memories you’ll make during the trip. Like chatting over coffee at one of Deleware’s local baristas.

3. Binge And Drive: Watching a good show can make the car ride breeze by, if the car has 4G LTE Wi-Fi, shows like She’s Gotta Have It or Ozark can be a good choice to drown out your parent’s music or any “Lil” rapper if you pass the aux cord to the wrong person.

4. Pillows: If you don’t want to take advantage of the technology in today’s cars, utilize the extra space and take a nap.

5. Patience. If you’re traveling to a big city, finding parking can be a bit frustrating so you’re going to need patience. My Traverse had cameras all over the car to help with parking so once I did find parking I knew what I was able to fit into and what I wasn’t able to. It took a little bit of the edge off of parallel parking.

Overall my 5 tips will help make your road trip fly by. 6 Hours will turn into a quick binge of Stranger Things or laughing with your cousin in the back seat to Marlon on NBC. It does help if you have a new car or unlimited data but that’s what technology is for.

Here’s A Quick Road Trip Survival Guide Just In Time For Christmas  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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