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The internet is no stranger to seeing some of it’s most beloved Youtubers–or at least people with huge followings–make incredibly mindless decisions despite how many people they will be affecting. Today, the internet is aimed at Logan Paul, a vlogger who documents his life every single day to more than 15 million subscribers–raking in nearly 5 million views a day. He and his brother Jake Paul have both garnered huge followings on Youtube, and most of their audience consists of younger, pre-teen children who watch for videos of pranks, music videos, and different viral challenges.

The younger demographic in Logan’s palm is especially alarming when it comes to what he’s under fire for. The Youtuber visited Japan’s ‘suicide forest’ and posted footage of a dead body, which was followed by him and his friends laughing at the body hanging from a tree. Though the head of the body was blurred out, the rest of the person was shown in full focus as Paul and his whole clan chuckled over discovering someone who committed suicide in ‘suicide forest.’ He’s since deleted the video, but not before it got over a million views.

Obviously, people are outraged by his decision to upload something like this, especially when he’s treating an extremely serious topic as a joke. He issued an apology, which for many is only putting him in even hotter water.

Check out some of the reactions to the whole situation on the next few pages.

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