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Traffic Violation

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Jason and his wife, Victoria Chapa were excited to go check out a new home in the developing area of Marion, Texas. After walking around the home, the couple heard glass shatter and ran to their car. According to The Root, they saw Melissa Shelton, a white woman from the neighborhood smashing their windshield.

The couple mentioned that after damaging their car she began screaming racial slurs such as “ni**ers” and “sp**s” at them. Jason is Mexican America and his wife is African American. After the incident two deputies came and they identified the woman.

In a Facebook post the lawyer for the couple said, “The local police, of course, did nothing. The neighborhood housing association, the local realtors, all offered nothing but a silent endorsement of the attack. This was not Black History Month. This is not black history. This didn’t happen 50 years ago. It happened a few weeks ago. This is America 2018.” Since then Shelton has been indicted and the story is still developing.

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