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When they say the future belongs to our next generation, they really mean it. 12-year-old Dana Abbey is proving that age doesn’t determine impact, evidenced by her amazing artwork depicting #BlackGirlMagic.

Posted to Twitter by Dana’s 19-year-old sister, Jaylah, the pictures garnered over 250,000 likes and 70,000 comments and became a virtual hit. The best part? Neither Jaylah nor Dana thought the photos would resonate with people, so the surprise of seeing the art going viral surprised both of these sisters. But honestly, isn’t that just the definition of #BlackGirlMagic anyways? The fact that we are all so magical that we don’t even realize that what we’re doing is dope?

The photos, however, ARE magic, and well-needed in a time where Black representation is needed more than ever. The photos show different types of beauty, with freckles, vitiligo, and other characteristics of Black culture making an appearance.

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“All types of beauty are special. Sadly, today’s society is focused on seeing only one type of beautiful,” Dana told BET Beauty. “In my opinion, all skin types, colors, and sizes should be appreciated. I create my artwork to show how everything can be beautiful and to tell the world that everybody is different and unique at the same time. There is no person that looks exactly like the other, so stop trying to get everybody to look the same. It’s just not going to work. Besides, normal is boring anyway.”

Seeing these different examples of beauty is exactly what young girls need — examples that show them that there is more than just one definitive way to see and appreciate what is beautiful. And the countless comments of people appreciating the work show that everyone can create impactful work, no matter their age.

Dana, we can’t wait to see what you make next. Maybe an art exhibit?


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