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IA Microsoft Opens A School at Issy Les Moulineaux

Source: Christophe Morin/IP3 / Getty

Microsoft might have some serious explaining to do if this case moves forward. 238 cases of gender discrimination or sexual harassment have been filed against the tech giant by female employees. According to court filings that were recently released, the complaints were made between 2010 and 2016.

Complaints against the company included denying pay raises or promotions to women working in US-based technical jobs with Microsoft. Of course, Microsoft refutes the claims and only deems one of the gender discrimination complaints out of 118 of them “founded”. The company also said it has committed $55 million a year to help promote inclusion and diversity. To ensure that victims would be more comfortable coming forward the Microsoft waived the requirement for pre-dispute arbitration agreements in sexual harassment claims.

Those moves the company had made recently doesn’t really help the women who are filing the claims now. This current stance the company is taking is also a very contradictory one. Microsoft also wanted to the keep the number of human resources complaints under wraps. Their argument claimed that making the outcomes public would somehow dissuade other victims from coming forward in the future.

Currently, attorney’s for the plaintiffs are gunning for a trial to proceed with their class action lawsuit. No date for a trial has been set.  US District Judge James Robart has not ruled on the plaintiff’s request yet but if he does decide to allow the case to move forward it could cover more than 8,000 women in it. Microsoft is totally against this and claims that the plaintiffs have not identified practices “that include enough employees”. If you ask us honestly, one is too many already and puts Microsft under an intense Microsoft.

We will be keeping our eyes on this case, this could make big noise in the tech industry.


Photo: Christophe Morin/IP3 / Getty

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