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An Oklahoma man reportedly tried to run over a group of Black children who he believed were bullying his daughter. According to Oklahoma’s News 4, an eyewitness said Dale Trent Jr. charged at three siblings who were getting off a school bus, Michael Jackson said. “He was parked at an angle behind mine and when he came, his angle shot him straight towards them… One of the kids ran away from him because he thought he was going to hit him.”

Reportedly, Dale Trent Jr. missed a 14-year-old girl by less than ten feet, called them racial slurs and threatened to kill them. Trent’s reasoning?  He told News 4 the 14-year-old girl he nearly murdered was bullying his daughter, “When she got off the school bus here, she was crying,” Trent said. “I said, ‘What`s wrong baby?’ and she tells me that this girl keeps picking on her… My child goes, ‘There she is daddy,’ and I asked her ‘Why do you keep picking on my child?’” Trent said, “And she wouldn’t answer me. I said, ‘You need to keep your hands off my child.’” Of course, he denied using racial slurs.  The father has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

Dale Trent Jr. is a horrible example of a father. What happened to going to the school or talking to the parents? Also, it’s not clear, but was his child in the car when he tried to murder the children? What does this teach his daughter about conflict resolution or how to face bullies? Absolutely despicable.

Watch the news report below:


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