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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Two

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On the season finale of How to Get Away With Murder, we start with the autopsy! We thought it was Bonnie who died in the car crash last week, but it was Denver (remember, he was playing both sides)! BONNIE LIVES…and Nate is on a mission to find the hard drive.

Annalise rallies her kids to tell them about Denver. Then, Laurel’s father calls her and demands to know where her mother is. Laurel says she doesn’t know, but he thinks she killed her mother and dangles her son again to hurt her. Laurel claims the last time Laurel saw her mother was when she confronted her at her hotel room, but that she left her still alive, and that maybe she just headed back to France. Asher, Connor, Oliver and Michaela are starting to wonder if maybe Laurel’s father’s concerns are true.

Then Laurel gets a call. The FBI wants to talk to her because she was the last person to see Denver alive at his office. Annalise is present as Laurel’s attorney during this interrogation. Laurel handles herself well and tells them things that would make them investigate her father.


Simon is awake and rapidly getting better, and Annalise is working on getting him the whistleblower protection, and securing his visa with the FBI. Michael and Oliver are the messengers but Simon doesn’t even want to see Oliver. That leaves Michaela to assures him that they got his back. Now that his mind is more lucid, he tells Michaela that he wants to see his deal or he’ll tell the police what really happened that night. Michaela tells him that that would be a big mistake.


Later on, Nate comes through with the hard drive.YES! But they don’t find any illegal activity on it. Womp womp.

Annalise then visits Tegan and demands to know what she knows and lets her know that she’ll go down with Jorge too if she doesn’t stop playing games. Tegan plays hardball and tells Annalise to get out of her office, but we’ll get back to this so hold that thought.

Michaela informs Annalise about Simon’s threat and suggests they call ICE and have him deported. Annalise says absolutely not because that’s not who they are.

Frank tells Laurel that he did some digging around and it seems like her mom just vanished without a trace. He asks her in a roundabout way if she killed her mother and once again Laurel is adamant that she didn’t.

Annalise meets up with Jorge for a serious discussion. She has his precious hard drive and offers to give it to him and move on from his criminal activity if he gives Laurel sole custody of her son. He says his wife is missing and that he believes Laurel had something to do with it. Annalise pushes through his BS, tells him to sign the paperwork she gave him and to stop accusing Laurel of something they both know she’s not capable of. Jorge says she doesn’t know what Laurel is really capable of. Finally, Jorg signs her paperwork and tells Annalise that she stole Laurel from him. Then Annalise says she knows how it feels because he took Wes from her and that he’s putting Laurel through the same pain that he feels by taking her son. In the end, Laurel gets her son back and that’s what matters.

Laurel’s preemie is thriving and improving by the day, and on the day she picks him up form the hospital, her father appears to ask her where her mother is, once again. She repeats that she doesn’t know and tells him that he and her mother are dead to her. And just as Jorge leaves the hospital, the feds swoop down and arrest him.


Then we cut Tegan with the same agent who questioned Laurel earlier. Now, let’s take it back to Annalise’s visit to Tegan’s office earlier. It worked. Tegan pretended to verbally assault Annalise because you know Jorge be wiretapping, but Tegan wrote down that she was in. Tegan gets immunity to sing like a bird. Then Annalise is with Bonnie and crew saying that Simon is being taken care of, but Michaela tells them she got the drop on Simon first. She called ICE on him over the gun charge (it wasn’t even his gun) and now he will be getting deported back to Pakistan, which was his worst nightmare. Everyone is pissed at Michaela. She broke all of our hearts with this one, but she doesn’t even seem to care when Annalise confronted her about it.

In other news Annalise and co. find out that the supreme court ruled in her favor with her class action suit. This makes her a legal powerhouse on a national level.

Annalise gives an interview to discuss her case and how everyone deserves a second chance. During this montage about second chances, we see various vignettes. One where Nate looks at old files. It looks like he’s looking at Bonnie’s record and there’s a note on the bottom that says “child alive.” Then we see Frank enrolling in school again, but it’s because he is on a mission to find the kid, who is also enrolled in the same school. They keep cutting to this black kid and Frank spots him too, then he gets on the phone and says, “The kid’s here.” We don’t know who he’s talking to, though.

Finally, Laurel is in new motherhood bliss, but she’s also stressed out so she gets in the shower and we see some scratches on her arm. That’s obviously suspect and now we’re wondering if she did kill her mother.

You know somebody has to get away with murder, perhaps next season it’s Laurel’s turn.


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