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We pick up on tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta from last week, with Tiarra and Tommie meeting up. Basically, Scrap DeLeon is getting out of prison soon and Tiarra wants him to move in with her so they can be a family again (aka he’s gassing her up while he’s down). She just wants to make sure that Tommie doesn’t still have feelings for Scrap too and that Scrap hasn’t been playing games. Tommie is good on that and plans to move on.

Jessica Dime is pregnant, as we know, but she needs a support system. She doesn’t have friends in Atlanta like that, aside from Karlie Redd. Her man is away for work and she’s not on good terms with her mom, but she says she’s going to work on the support she needs because she doesn’t want go through this journey alone. The good news is, the baby is healthy.

Stevie has a mixer where he informs his friends that he might have to go to jail for four months over his child support drama from 1998. The two children (of six) in question are grown, but their mother is not letting go of that child support (he owes millions of dollars). Those two children are devastated by the thought of Stevie going to jail and Mimi is devastated knowing that Eva is going to be crushed if he goes to jail. His court case is coming up in New York. Stevie also tells Mimi that he wants her to handle his business affairs, particularly with Danger Zone artists. That means Estelita and possibly Just Brittany. Here’s the thing with Just Brittany: If you recall, Stevie is interested in managing her but she’s signed to Rick Ross’ label, MMG. Stevie produced a record for Just Brittany and that’s it for now. Brittany didn’t sign a management contract and reminds him of this because she’s not quite comfortable with how he does business. He has the nerve to threaten her (because he’s trash) and say that he’ll give their song away if she doesn’t sign. However, Brittany wrote the song, so…


Instead of paying him dust, Brittany’s compromise is to have Keely, a new entry to the show who has worked in the music industry for years (doing artist development), come on board Danger Zone as her management. That seems to be cool with Stevie for now, but hopefully, Brittany holds off on signing any contracts with him.


Speaking of Stevie’s mess, let’s fast forward to the end of the episode.

Mimi sits down with Erica and Estelita to inform them that Stevie wants her to take over his affairs if he goes to jail. Erica isn’t even an official Danger Zone artist but she’s been playing this Keeper of Estelita role lately and entertaining Stevie’s request to join the label.


Mimi also mentions that Just Brittany may be part of those affairs and Erica and Estelita are not here for that. They do not like her because they’re cliche. Anyway, Just Brittany and Keely walk into this pow wow on cue and Erica attempts to be fake diplomatic, but Brittany calls her out on the verbal tirade from last week. Erica doesn’t like being called out, like most delusional people, so she gets rowdy rah rah and tries to fight instead, because apparently, Brittany “poked the beast out of hibernation.”


Then things get really lame when security drags Erica out and she informs them that she’s not scared of them and that the only reason they have jobs is because of her. This is ironic because she has a job because of Mona Scott Young.


Remember her last New York reunion appearance when she said she was moving on from the franchise because she was too good for everyone? Yet here she is back on the show. Mmmkay.


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