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Some folks in China recently proved that humans are worthless, heartless savages who really need love in our lives.

According to China Daily, a 12-year-old female kangaroo at the Fuzhou Zoo was just living her life when some visitors started throwing rocks at her.

Their goal?

To get her to hop.

Eventually, a sharp stone thrown by one of the visitors hit the kangaroo’s left foot, which led to a lot of bleeding. The kangaroo later died, most likely from a ruptured kidney, according to an autopsy report.

So yea, humans are evil.

And the Neanderthal terror didn’t stop there.

Just a few days later, a 5-year-old kangaroo was just chillin’ when a visitor threw a part of a brick into it’s enclosure. The animal was injured, but this time, they were expected to live.

Many animal advocates were furious about the incidents and called for the park to crack down on unruly behavior. “Animals in the zoo are there to help us better understand them and ourselves. They’re not responsible for performing as you wish. Such visitors should be blacklisted,” one person wrote on social media.

Meanwhile, the zoo itself has cameras, but they’re mostly pointed at the enclosures instead of the savage visitors. This means that the people responsible for killing the first kangaroo were never caught on camera.

On top of all this, it seems like savage human-try is an everyday thing in the China.  “People feeding animals with human food, or touching or scaring zoo animals, are often seen in China,”  explained Sun Quanhui, a chief scientist from World Animal Protection.

Since the attacks, the zoo has reduced the number of kangaroos exposed in the visiting zone. The zoo has also applied to the city government to fund high-definition surveillance cameras. Hopefully, the kangaroos will face less surveillance this time and the homo sapiens will be under watch.

As for the dead female kangaroo, her body is set to be preserved for display.


We don’t deserve animals.

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