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This weekend weed heads all over the world will purchase their fattest bags of dank to celebrate 4/20. While the origins of 420 are hazy, back in 1990 someone told then High Times reporter Steve Bloom, “We are going to meet at 4:20 on 4/20 for 420-ing in Marin County at the Bolinas Ridge sunset spot on Mt. Tamalpais.”

I like the sound of that. Me, being a movie buff, there are just some movies that are better with herbal assistance. So if movies are you thing here are some flicks for you to watch on 4/20 while getting your 420 on.

Lucas Bros. Moving Company – Hulu | There is nothing like watching cartoon when you’re high and these twin toons bring your through 90s nostalgia while going on escapades high.

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Half Baked – Amazon Prime Video / Cinemax On Demand | Have you ever seen the back of a 20 dollar bill? Have you ever seen the back of a 20 dollar bill on weed?

The Conjuring – Netflix | Paranoia is real and watching a horror film can really mess with your mind. If you’re brave enough check out The Conjuring.

Shimmer Lake – Netflix | You’re either going to love this or hate it, either way it’s going to be really really entertaining to watch this while 420ing.

How High – HBO GO | Method Man and RedMan run around college like rap Cheech and Chong, you really can’t beat that.

Sleeping With Other People – Netflix | If you and your boo are going smoke trees together, you might want to watch Sleeping With Other People a movie that will either put ideas in your head or prove that the one you have is right next to you.

Valerian – Amazon Prime Video | Who wants to be on planet Earth on 4/20? Aliens, wild outfits and a shape shifting Rihanna.

Altered Carbon – Netflix | This is another trip into the future as wealthy people are immortal. Throw in a who done it situation and its hours of high times.

Kill Bill Vol 1 – Netflix | Love, heartbreak, revenge and violence. Sometimes you need this while you’re dancing among the clouds.

Naked – Netflix | Before Marlon Wayans took over Netflix with Woke-Ish he had Naked. If you smoke too much this could really mess with your head. Just imagine trying to marry the girl of his dreams, but not being able to get to the altar because you’re caught in a time loop, waking up naked in a hotel elevator over and over again. Trippy.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Superbad – Prime Video | Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Netflix | Guess Who – Netflix | Space Balls – Prime Video | Mac and Dre Go To High School – Netflix |

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