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Candace Owens, the latest in Negro shoe shufflers that the right is pawning off to the American public, caught the eye of Kanye West during his recent revelations that he’s a supporter of President Donald Trump. It appears that Owens’ rising star amongst conservative media figures has a bit of tarnish after it has come out she once ran a website that took digs at Trump’s penis size along with other shots at the right.

Owens was the focus of an investigative report from Buzzfeed News which uncovered that she was once the CEO and founder of Degree180, which billed itself as “a creative company dedicated to impacting the world through focused editorials.”

What Buzzfeed found is that while Owens herself strayed away from political rants and raves as she’s become famous for, Degree180 criticized countering protests of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Tea Party movement, and even took a look into speculating about Trump’s junk.

From Buzzfeed:

Ten months ago, the 26-year-old posted her first politically-themed video to YouTube, a reenactment of “coming out” as conservative to her parents. In November, amid allegations of racial bias, the conservative campus advocacy group Turning Point USA hired Owens, who is black, as its director of urban engagement. Last month, Kanye West tweeted his approval of Owens’ thoughts. Last week, President Trump tweeted that Owens was a “very smart ‘thinker’” who is “having a big impact on politics.” And this week, Owens mingled with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump at the dedication of the new American embassy in Jerusalem.

Yet Owens, suddenly a new face of the American right, was less than two years ago the CEO of an online publication that frequently mocked then-candidate Trump, including conducting a mock “investigation” into his penis size. (The story determined that it was likely very small.) And in a 2015 column for the site lambasting conservative Republicans, Owens wrote that it was “good news” that the “Republican Tea Party…will eventually die off (peacefully in their sleep, we hope.)”

Indeed, the speed with which Owens has gone from running a frequently anti-Trump, anti-conservative website to being one of the President’s most prominent new supporters illustrates the wild land grab still going on for influence in the pro-Trump ecosystem.

Check out Buzzfeed News’ look into the curious career arc of conservative darling Candace Ownes by following this link.

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