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Things got real up in West Bengal, India recently when a forest range officer was handling a 18-foot python.

According to Catch News, Sanjoy Dutta was rescuing the snake from a village.

Sounds heroic right?

Only problem is, Sanjoy made the wrong move when he tried to pose with the snake for a selfie.

Video shows Sanjoy taking selfies with the locals when he starts to lose control of the snake. At one point, the python even wrapped around his neck and the villagers had to assist with detangling him.

If Sanjoy didn’t receive help, the python could have squeezed his life out. According to the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, it is considered animal cruelty to pose with a snake or perform other stunts with it.

So yea…Sanjoy was basically trying to floss for the camera and ended up risking his life while doing it. Next time don’t sign the snake up for a photo op.

You can watch the chilling footage for yourself below!

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