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McDonald's Asks Meat Suppliers To Alter Use Of Antibiotics

Source: Joe Raedle / Getty

Police in Hamilton, Ontario, are reminding the public that a cold burger is not an emergency.

This seems like a pretty obvious truth, but a man recently called 911 on Sunday to report that he’d received a cold hamburger and fries after ordering them through Uber Eats….yes, seriously.

Officers were called to a McDonald’s in the city Sunday by an “irate” customer who received a cold hamburger and fries, according to service spokesperson Jackie Penman. It wasn’t clear whether the restaurant or food delivery service was to blame for the not-so-fast food, but the unsatisfied customer was reminded a cold meal was no reason for an emergency response.

Penman said frivolous calls to police are more common than most people might think, so the McDonald’s mixup actually serves as a good lesson for those unfamiliar. “Calling 911 with nuisance calls ties up our lines and makes it difficult for people with serious emergencies to get through to dispatchers,” she said. “The system is meant for life and death emergencies.”

A Man In Canada Called 911 Over His McDonald’s Order Getting Cold  was originally published on globalgrind.com