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Power Season 5 Episode 2

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Tonight’s episode of Power begins with James and Tasha getting another rude awakening. The crime tips hotline that they did not want Councilman Tate to set up that he set up anyway picked up some tea. An NYPD detective who’s working with Blanca Rodriguez on the Ray Ray case came to see them because someone said they saw Tariq running out of the building after his sister on the night she was killed. The cop needs clarification on that story. Tariq kind of had a story, but just as he was about to dig himself deeper into his goofy web of lies, his parents cut him off and rushed him off to school. Later on, Tasha asks Tariq to tell the truth about what happened the night Raina died and he lies.


^^^ Never gets old. Anyway…

This fool said he wasn’t even there. But we already know, Tariq is gon’ Tariq. Always and forever.

That same cop connected with Officer Rodriguez to discuss this. They connected Ray Ray to Tariq because Ray Ray looked at Tariq’s witness statement in that robbery he was a part of that time but they’re trying to figure out why Ray Ray would need to see Tariq’s statement. They also know that Angela Valdez stopped by the school to investigate. But what they want to know is, why would a fed be investigating this type of case?


Rodriguez confronts Angela about this and of course, Angela lies. She later tells Tasha what’s up and also realizes that she’s going to have to make this go away, which could be another collusion charge if caught. It also doesn’t help that someone has probably been watching all these Tasha/Angie meetups. We know what show this is!

James and Councilman Tate are meeting with Linda (Garcelle Beauvais), a very rich investor who could potentially foot the $12 million dollars they need for their development project. It doesn’t go over so well after James and Tate can’t seem to get on the same page about whether the development will have retail space or not. The developer is out, Tate scolds James and the latter is quite tired of this BS. He might have to introduce Councilman Tate to Ghost at some point.


John Mak and Cooper Saxe (the feds) pay Teresi a visit now that they know that he and Tommy have been in touch. Basically, they broker a deal—Tommy and James in exchange for his freedom. They even tempt him with the thought of seeing his wife who’s dying of cancer but they didn’t even need to add that extra bonus in. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more messed up for the St. Patrick’s and company, Teresi says he’s been laying this trap ever since found out about Tommy and he knew they’d come sniffing around. Remember, we discovered last season that Teresi was a survivalist out for self. So here we are…


They ask if Tommy suspects anything. Teresi says Tommy thinks he wants to get close to the son he never knew. Later on, Teresi tells Tommy that he’s working on something that could get him out. He lies about what that is, of course, and Tommy seemingly goes along with it but he doesn’t trust it—a fact he reveals to Keisha. Keisha gives him some half optimistic half street advice which is that he should be open to forgiving his father but at the same time, he better keep his eyes open and figure out if there’s something else behind this. His father was facing some hard time and we all know these deals don’t come easily. Tommy has Proctor look into the Teresi situation and from what Proctor can see, it seems like things are on the up and up, but the feds are Trixie Hobbitses.

Dre doesn’t have control of his team anymore and by this point, Diego Jimenez has threatened to kill him if something goes wrong multiple times. However, the aforementioned becomes clear when Kanan goes sniffing around to one of Dre’s soldiers and lies and says he’s supposed to be helping Dre. Later on we spot Kanan with three other men in masks robbing Cristobal of his supply. We don’t know who those other men are yet but we know that Kanan is a master manipulator and knows how to Riq havoc wherever he goes. Get it, Riq? I digress.


Next, we find Ghost with Linda, the #12 million dollar Baby at dinner. He’s trying to finesse her, by any means necessary. You know where this is going. She takes off her wedding ring in his face, invites him to her room and they get it poppin.

Speaking of getting it on, some mystery dude who literally bumps into Angela at her job ends up asking her out to dinner. She naively accepts. It’s not clear what he does, but he’s “in from out of town.” They get on nicely, and get close enough for him to touch her phone because he’s tired of it ringing (it’s James blowing her up). Tuh!

You know he probably bugged that right?


Tommy tells his mother the deal about his dad and she warns him that Teresi is the devil and that he will ask him for something eventually. Tommy is giving her the side eye because he wants to trust his father, but moms be knowing, even coked up moms.

The feds visit the NYPD officers on the Ray Ray murder to get relevant info and docs to the case. Rodriguez is wondering wtf but she can’t do anything about it because they got a court order saying that this is now in their jurisdiction. When Rodriguez sees that Angela authorized the paperwork she points out that Angie is just trying to cover herself. Donovan asks if she has proof but when she doesn’t he tells her to pipe down. But the seed of doubt has already been planted. You already know that Angies staff do not trust her. Donovan was just trying to be kind of optimistic. Womp womp.

James tells Tate what happened between himself and the donor only to find out that this was a setup. According to Tate, Linda felt like James wouldn’t be professional and by sleeping with her it just proves that point. Ghost got played but he eats that one and says he’ll do whatever it takes to get the money (clearly). We all know that means going back into the laundering business with Tommy in addition to pushing drugs again.


Ghost tells Tommy that they’re good to go as long as the latter doesn’t do business with Kanan. Tommy agrees but changes his tune after Kanan shows up to Tommy’s place with the bag. It’s a quarter a mil and Kanan’s only request is that Tommy cut him into some business.

Tasha finally gets Tariq to tell the truth about the night Raina dies. She basically tells him the truth about how she and his father grew up and apologizes for lying to him, which therefore taught him to lie. That’s all it took for Tariq to finally not be a jerk.

The episode ends with Tommy picking his father up from prison. The early release is official and they drive off into the sunset. Here comes trouble.


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