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Drake is no stranger to kissing and telling throughout his discography. And on his latest album, Scorpion, there is no shortage of stories from talking about the birth of his son to past lovers. While Drake usually has no problem mentioning exes by name or even titling songs after them (see Bria’s Interlude) many were left to question on the now super popular song, “In My Feelings”, who is Kiki?

Well we might have answer. Some believed that the nicknames listed in the song, “Kiki” & “KB”, were referencing the City Girls who are featured on the hit song. However, K’yanna Barber, of Oakland had some things to say about the song on twitter.

While it is confirmed that there is a romantic history between K’yanna & Drake, it is unconfirmed that she is officially the “Kiki” that is referenced in the song. We might have to wait for the second rumored Drake album coming this year.