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Nuri breaks Yasir’s heart by going on the ski trip with Keith. Keith wants to know if Yasir is his competition and Nuri tries to play it cool. She says Yasir isn’t his competition and there’s no ring on her finger so she can date whoever she wants.

She’s fooling no one but tries to fit in with Keith’s friends and pretend she’s not still thinking about Yasir anyway. Things get even more awkward after she discovers that the sweater they gifted her has “Keith’s Girl” written on the back.

Meanwhile, Yasir can’t keep Nuri off his mind and he’s trying to figure out if he should follow her, but his friend makes the great point that he ain’t got no car. Yasir’s friend also tries to convince him to move on. Negative.

Things get worse for Nuri when Keith gets drunk, high on shrooms and starts acting a’fool. He strips naked and keeps making sexual advances at her. Nuri finally tells him that she won’t have sex with him because she likes Yasir a lot…and then he starts crying.

CRYING! It’s the drugs.

He spills more of his own tea, going on about how he has everything going for himself in terms of his career success and that he thought she was the perfect girl for him but she keeps avoiding him. The word, “avoiding’ is a trigger for him because then he says her unrequited love doesn’t matter because he has been avoiding who he really is. In short, he’s gay and he likes one of his friends who is on the trip with his girlfriend. Nuri is nice about it and comforts him but get this, later on, when they get back to work, he tells her that he’s not gay and that he was just saying that to make her feel less awkward and to give her an out.


Anyway, Nuri is still pressed, checking her messages to see if Yasir finally called her. She even calls Ruby’s house against her friend’s advice not to. Yasir is home, brooding on the couch, but he picks up the phone just after Nuri hangs up due to cold feet (she felt weird calling Yasir’s ex’ house, understandably). Nuri’s friend tells her that if god wanted them to talk then he’ll find another way. All this stalking they do to each other and it’s a struggle for them to get together.

They finally connect again at their favorite cafe. Yasir is still annoyed with her for not trusting him. She’s annoyed with him for questioning her character. They have a heated argument and Yasir walks out. Nuri gets home and coincidentally finds the note he wrote (that got hidden) when he stopped by one time she wasn’t home, asking her not to go on the ski trip. She heads right to but chickens out again when Ruby opens the door and asks her if she’s lost (Ruby has never seen her since social media doesn’t exist). Nuri says she’s lost and heads home only to find Yasir waiting for her. They engage in a steamy makeout session and almost get it on until Yasir reminds her of her rule: The only man she would have sex with in her new home would be her husband.

Nuri is sure that Yasir is her person so they proceed, and even exchange I love you’s after they climax.


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