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Beautiful Young Black Girl Voting

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To say the political climate has changed over the last couple of years is probably an understatment.

With someone like 45 in the president’s seat, it seems like anything goes no matter the human casualties.

But along with disturbing politics comes a younger generation desperate for change. And let’s be real, if Trump can be elected, clearly anyone can run for office, no matter how unorthodox the strategy.

Take Myya Jones — a 23-year-old activist who’s running for State Representative of Michigan’s House District 4. She’s running on a platform of quality education, accessible mental health care, and economic development for her Detroit community.

Oh, and did I mention she has a rap video?

Jones posted the clip last Thursday as a way to raise money for her campaign and already it’s received over 32,000 views on Facebook.

On her fundraising page, Jones writes “The greatest detriment to Black women candidates is that our campaigns lack financial support.”

It’s possible this video can bring more attention to a candidate who wants to “give people of color, women, and Millennials a seat at the table.”

If you want to support Jones, you can donate to her campaign here.

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