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Source: Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ New York Screening at AMC Empire 25 Times Square – Red Carpet Arrivals Featuring: Finn Jones Where: New York, New York, United States When: 16 Mar 2017 Credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

Marvel’s Iron Fist was by far the worst Netflix Marvel series to date. So much so that his inclusion to the highly anticipated The Defenders and his important to the overall plot ruined the superhero team-up for many fans.


Yeah his appearance in the second season of Luke Cage was cool but it wasn’t enough to erase the damage already done in the minds of Marvel fans.

But if you thought your online outrage would be enough to convince Marvel and Netflix to pull the plug on the billionaire street vigilante, you’re wrong. Netflix has dropped their first teaser trailer for the second season to Marvel’s Iron Fist and hopefully they’ll get it right this time.

Gone are the annoying curly locks of blond hair and in is the more standard rich Manhattanite white guy hairdo.

While all we get to see is Danny Rand a.k.a. Iron Fist (Finn Jones) take on some bad guys in an alley, according to io9 the Marvel panel at San Diego’s Comic Con showed some pretty great footage of the upcoming season.

One scene, in particular, finds Danny and Davos in K’un-Lun (in a flashback) during one of their final tests to decide which of them is worthy of facing off against Shou-Lao. After donning masks reminiscent of Iron Fist’s from the comics, the two students are bound together with a long belt and made to beat the everliving hell out of each another until one of them yields. As brutal and bloody as the face-off is, it’s also fluid and elegant in a way that feels fresh, new, and exactly like what you want from Iron Fist.

As for the overall theme of season two, Marvel’s Jeph Loeb explained the road that Danny Rand would be traveling.

Marvel’s Jeph Loeb explained that fighting alongside Matt Murdock in The Defenders is ultimately what inspires Danny to use his Iron Fist abilities to become a proper street-level vigilante. Though the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen might not make an appearance in Iron Fist’s second season, his influence on Danny’s going to play a huge role is in the show’s plot.

Sounds better than anything in season one already.

The second season of Iron Fist will be streaming on Netflix starting September 7th. Will you be interested in giving Danny Rand a second chance or nah? Let us know.


Netflix Drops A Teaser Trailer for The Second Season of Iron Fist  was originally published on hiphopwired.com

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