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Why would you want the smoke with a McDonald’s manager who’s like twice your size? This is the question you’ll be asking after watching a viral video where a woman catches a vicious fade in Mickey D’s. 

According to Twitter lore, the mollywhop victim asked for a water cup, but likely tried to get some free soda in stage. The manager allegedly shut the machine down, and the beef was on.

We have so many questions, but right now we’re enthralled at how the manager is tossing the feisty chick around like a rag doll. Speaking of, how are you trying to fight with a top like that? She wasn’t really ready to fight.

Also, the woman who tried to break up the fight got her own licks in when the “fade victim” refused to exercise any chill.

And again, do you see the size of the manager, no big girl shaming. But most dude wouldn’t even want the smoke with her.  McDonald’s employees work hard, respect them. Especially if they can earth slam you with ease.

Anyway, peep the fade delivery in all its glory below.

Photo: screen cap

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