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Self-made millionaire music mogul Charlie Jabaley made his mark in the business based on the success of 2 Chainz and Travis Porter, but his lifestyle contributed to some unhealthy eating habits and the return of a brain tumor he had as a teen. After leaving the music biz behind and dropping well over 100 pounds in a year, Jabaley is trying to use his story to inspire others.

From CNN:

Jabaley describes the different phases of his life as character roles. Today, he’s “Charlie Rocket,” but once he was “CEO Charlie,” an adolescent brain tumor survivor and budding music mogul hoping business acumen would compensate for his obesity.

By his late 20s, he was a hip-hop titan. It was not an act. Jabaley built a multimillion-dollar music and artist management company called Street Execs. His artists included 2 Chainz and Travis Porter. He was the creator of the instant viral Christmas success “Dabbin’ Santa Sweaters.”

“CEO Charlie” was at the pinnacle of success, but his problems didn’t go away.

“The bigger my business got, the bigger I got,” Jabaley recalls.

“I knew this gas station had this type of cookie and that gas station had the Krispy Kreme doughnuts.” He spent entire nights bingeing on junk food. “I would be eating it in my car as I’m driving to the next one.”

Jabaley estimates that he consumed more than 10,000 calories on those nights.

Since letting go of the CEO Charlie moniker, Jabaley has lost around 130 pounds, trains in marathons, and is hoping to inspire others by way of his Dream Machine Tour and via his upcoming book, The Life and Death of CEO Charlie.

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