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Who is Doja Cat? To answer it simply, she’s the hottest thing repping Malibu, CA and despite her quirky songs and very very interesting music videos, she’s managed to drop bop after bop.  Her creativity is almost a given. Doja Cat, real name Amala Zandile Dlamini, comes from a very artistic family. Her father is a South African actor, composer and film producer known for his work on Sarafina. Her mother and grandmother were both painters. So when it comes to thinking out of the box, it’s simply in Doja Cat’s DNA.

Twitter has introduced us to a new Doja Cat track entitled “Mooo!” and not surprisingly, it’s flames.  Twitter user @Followmeclarke said over the weekend, “This really the song of the century aint shit topping this…. got me randomly singing “Moooo” smfh” and the video has already become a meme. 



Prior to releasing the entire song a few days ago, Doja Cat had everyone anticipating the new cattle anthem.

Who would have thought that being a cow could be this fun? Check out the entire video below.


In “Mooo!” Doja Cat does an amazing job of dropping hot metaphors while seemingly distracting you by 90’s graphics on a green screen. It’s a lesson in not judging a book by its cover and actually pressing play. She begins the song with:

Got milk bitch, got beef

Got steak hoe, got cheese

Grade a hoe, not lean

Got me A1 sauce, please

These heifers got nothin’ on me

Steaks high, need a side of collard greens

If you’re not sold that the Doja Cat love is real, hit the flip for more social media reactions to the new song as well as a few videos of her previous work.

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