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I’m warning you now, this recap is kind of long becuase as you know, Power is a layered show with lots of moving parts. Shout out to the writing team. Anyway, tonight’s episode picks up with Terry and Tasha in the throws of passion. Tasha pleads with him to lie for her, but he just wants her stop playing ride or die and trying to protect James. Terry wants to go to the police station on the spot and turn James in. This prompts Tasha to really tell the truth about the fact that it was Tariq who killed Ray Ray. Now Terry is big mad because she has been lying to him. Terry says the best course of action is for Tariq to turn himself in because he wouldn’t get charged with 1st degree murder and he’s still a juvenile so there might be a glimmer of hope. Tasha freaks out and gives a convincing and understandable spiel about Tariq being a black kid and how the justice system will eat him alive. They both have valid points but it’s looking shaky on whether Tasha successfully convinced him to lie or not. He doesn’t say yes or no. He just looks at her with puppy dog eyes and they get it on.

Meanwhile, Angela and Jamie are together, shook because they know they’re probably going down. Angela definitely knows about what’s happening against her at work. But for now they’re free so they get it on too. You know everyone’s life is trash but they sure know how to get it poppin!


Next, we find Saxe, Mak, and Tamika discussing plans to take Angela and James down. They need hard evidence on James and they also seem to think that Angela has committed more crimes than she actually did on behalf of James. Donovan tries to be on Angela’s side, kind of (because she had his back when Sandoval tried to fame him for being the mole), and tries to get them to ease up but they hate Angie and at least have her on obstruction of justice charges so that’s that. Then Mak and Saxe pay Teresi a visit at his home (smh) to put more pressure on him to come up with something. Connie witnesses this and it doesn’t sit right with her. She reminds him that Tommy is his son and that’s it’s not a good idea to snitch on the only family he’s going to have left when she’s gone.


Donovan heads to Angela’s office and tells her she better wise up because she has no friends at work and that whatever happens, he’s not going to take the fall for her. Later on, we see Angela out with her new boy toy, the marshall, or whatever he does, who told her to scrap the Jimenez arrest on behalf of some unknown big bad government organization and asks him for a job. He tells her he’ll see what he can do. She’s obviously making power moves because as we all know, anyone who can stop drug cartel bosses from being arrested and tried by feds is on some serious Power tripping. The kind of Power that everyone in this universe wishes they had.


Kanan and Ghost roll with Tommy to deliver Jason (leader of the Serbian cartel) the money they owe him so they’re finally off the hook. But Kanan and Ghost also discover from this meeting that Tommy kept the Jimenez arrest from them and doesn’t really feel bad about it, especially because Ghost has lied to him. After this move, Ghost asks Kanan to take out Diego Jimenez because he’d never see Kanan coming (if you recall, Dre asked Ghost to do it himself). Kanan agrees, but hold that thought.

Saxe tells Proctor that he could get his license back in a few calls but he needs some info. He wants to know if he knew anything on Angela Valdez covering up a murder. Proctor is out of the loop on that one but he isn’t with the games. He tells Saxe he’ll file a harassment claim if they don’t stop playing with him and that Saxe needs to get his license back before he works on getting info on Angie. It’s a done deal. Proctor ends up getting his license back and he plans to get what he can on Angela because he don’t like her either.

Ghost has the nerve to be salty about Tasha being with Terry and confronts her about that but Tasha shuts him down. He’s the last person to be upset about infidelity. What Ghost really wants to know is whether Terry will really lie for her or not. Tasha is basically looking at him like:


At this point, she doesn’t even care about keeping up a unified front for the sake of Councilman Tate’s project so she leaves when Tate walks in. It turns out that he officially announced his bid for governor but didn’t say anything to James, which is extra shady since James donated money. Then Tate gives him the spiel about how his “temperamental behavior” is freaking out donors and how he has to let him go. He offers to give James his money back too but in a very condescending way. You know how he is, and James is pissed and tired of being used. Later on, James finds out from Alfonso, one of Councilman Tate’s “employees,” that Councilman Tate has been skimming money from the Queens Children’s Project and that gives James the in he needs to turn the tables on Tate. He recorded an incriminating conversation and backs Tate into a corner. In other words, James ain’t off the project anymore and Tate better stop playing.


It’s confirmed that Tommy is really dumb as we were hoping he wouldn’t be with regard to his daddy. He lets his desire for a father to make him go against his better judgment and he starts singing like a canary to his pops and his pops’ best friend. He talks about he and Ghost’s laundromat used for money laundering and about several of the people he has killed, then they go pick up some money from a guy that they end up murdering. Basically, the guy tries to stiff them on money so Teresi leads the charge in his execution and starts drilling a hole into his knee as Tommy holds him still and cracks up laughing. Teresi eventually drills a hole into the guy’s head and the phrase, “Like father like son” is an understatement.


When all is said and done, Teresi gasses Tommy up (in front of his best friend, btw) more by inviting him to have dinner at his house with Connie so he can tell her more crazy stories. It’s so bad that Tommy blows his mother off when she calls him. She knows why he’s acting shady so she shows up to their dinner, later on, and goes off on Tommy, Teresi, and Connie. They get her out of the house, but it’s a hot mess.

Ghost decides to confront Terry to “make sure that he really lies for Tasha.”


It’s pretty much a thinly veiled threat at this point. Terry isn’t stupid. But hold that thought.

Dre sets plans in motion for Diego’s assassination. Francis, Dre’s goon who has been a double agent for Kanan, tells Kanan everything that’s about to happen and Kanan informs Francis that he’s going to be the one to kill Diego. But, they plan to undercut Dre’s plans to get in with the Serbians. Remember, Dre is supposed to kill Jason but not with Kanan involved.


Finally, Teresi gets an immunity deal from Saxe and Mak and snitches on Ghost. He tells them about that murder in the MCC while they were locked up. They grant it. Remember when the crooked prison guard and prison goon tried to kill Ghost? But Ghost is a savage and as a result, he killed the guard then Teresi, being the opportunist that he is, jumped in and helped Ghost get the goon and cover up the entire murder. Now the feds know.

Tommy confronts Angela about the Sandoval situation. He wants to know how many people she told his whereabouts. Angela reveals that she’s probably going down anyway over another situation and that she needs to “eliminate the problem.” Tommy gets it and asks for a name. Angela only gives John Mak’s first name because she has plans to go another route first. She wants to clear her name and arrest the Jimenez cartel. What happens to him after that is out of her hands. That’s obviously a loaded statement. Tommy says he’s around if she changes her mind. You know he’s like Chucky in the flesh. And Angela is surprised at herself. She even looks in the mirror (they’re in her car) because she’s trying to recognize this woman she has become. She got a little bit of devil in her too.

Angela’s plan is to send Mak to work with her boy toy as lead counsel in DC. She put the recommendation in for him. It’s no secret that she and Mak don’t rock with each other at all so he wants to know why she would do this. She says she needs a friend in the office. That is a loaded statement and Mak is a smart man so, he asks her what she wants to know and we end it there for now.

Back to Terry. Yeah, Ghost spooked him and he skipped town. Tasha finds out in the worst way. She shows up to his empty apartment only to find a Post-it note attached to the subpoena with a note that reads, “I’m sorry.” Look, Terry is a Morehouse man who is not about that life. He’s smart enough to not end up like Angela.


Finally, we’re at the set up for Diego’s murder. Diego and his ace think they’re showing up to an orgy but get the surprise of a lifetime when Kanan pops out and kills them. Kanan then goes to Jason’s hotel with Diego’s head in a bag and tells him that Ghost and Tommy are on a need to know basis in terms of how he moves and that he wants Tommy’s position in his organization. Jason asks if he’ll take Tommy out for the spot and Kanan says that Tommy and Ghost will take each other out. We kinda been there done that with the whole Ghost and Tommy chasm, but this is a crazy game so you never know. Anyway, Jason says that if Kanan can pull this off then he’ll consider it pending that he discovers he can trust him. Now we all know that Kanan cannot be trusted as far as he can be thrown.


Dre shows up to Jason’s hotel room thinking he’s about to pull off this assassination but Jason and Kanan are gone. Womp womp.

Finally, Tasha shows up at Angela’s apartment and bust up her dinner with Ghost to deliver the news about Terry. Tasha demands to know what Ghost did to Terry since Ghost ruins everything. Then Tasha pulls out the gun, the one she said went missing and was actually supposed to get rid of (she told Angela it was gone) and says she plans to turn herself in. Ghost says that she absolutely won’t do this and that he’ll take the fall for his family instead.


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