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Finding the love of your life is no easy task, especially not in 21st century NYC. We’re all so busy trying to pay a ridiculous amount of rent that we can barely find the time or compassion it takes to pour into our love lives. We remember when meeting people online was considered to be extremely dangerous and now, here we are in 2018 and we’re all about that life—because convenience is key.

With that said, when we heard this story about a woman in NYC who used her Tinder account to create her own personal dating game show, we couldn’t hate on her too much. However, one dude from Brooklyn who got caught up in the melee was completely over it and we can understand why. That’s dude, pictured above, eating ice cream.

@bvdhai hit Twitter a couple days ago with the hilarious story of how he was blindsided by what he believes must have been a reality star or social media personality. Things were going alright and out of nowhere—that’s usually how it happens—sh*t got weird.

This story will probably go down in Tinder history, so we’ll let him tell it. Hit the flip to find out what happened, plus a photo of the tragic scene.

…Sounds promising.

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