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Angie discussed a Caucasian woman who yelled a racial slur on a bus, and it landed her in the hospital. There has been no arrest yet made. According to WUSA9, the white woman involved yelled a racial slur at several passengers. Many of those passengers were black.

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In the YouTube videos, the woman can be seen saying that she was hit on the head. As the woman moves to get off the bus, she turns around and is recorded yelling the “N” word at the passengers.

This is when it all went bad. The woman can be seen in another video with blood covering her head. Transit police said this occurred behind Union Station.

Witnesses believe the woman may be homeless and may have mental health needs. The videos online have drawn all kinds of reactions – some of them also racist.

WUSA9 asked the Metro Transit Police spokesperson if they can ban people involved in incidents like this from using the transportation system. We were told that’s something for the courts to decide. The woman who yelled the slur was treated at a local hospital and released.