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Daniel Jean

Source: Xilla Valentine / No Kable Productions

You’re sitting down mindlessly scrolling through Instagram checking out what your friends did last night, in between Woman Crush Wednesdays or Man Crush Mondays, thirst traps and those funny ass skits to sell you Fashionnova. That’s when you see it. WorldStar posted a couple fighting in Applebees and the woman mashed cake into the guys face. You laugh hysterically, realizing that your leg is numb and it’s time to wipe and go back to being a productive member of society.

A few days later, you see this giant uber driver throw his passenger into a fountain in New York City and you can’t believe your eyes while making a mental note never to slap someone twice your size. Part of you starts to question to the legitimacy of the video. Is this real?

Remember the pizza delivery guy who opened fire on the robbers who tried to rob him? Fake! It’s something I like to call Reality IG. Skits that seem like real caught on camera moments in ‘the everybody and their momma has a camera phone’ world that we live in. Allow me to introduce you to Daniel Jean. One of the best to do it. Daniel is responsible for a lot of the caught on camera fights you see. Cheating girlfriends, cheating boyfriends, cheating at a game of chess.

Daniel started out working with This Is 50’s Jack Thriller as a part of his Party and Bullshit Show. He would bring flowers, teddy bears and candy to the guests, as a way to promote his luxury car service. A driver needs clients. Eventually, he started driving around Fat Boy SSE, a popular Instagram comic who asked Daniel to be apart of his skit.

Eager to help, Daniel hops out of the car with no shoes on ready to play his part totally forget he doesn’t have shoes on. Daniel explained he normally drives barefoot, so he asked to do it over but Fat Boy’s girlfriend is saying no keep doing it with no shoes to which Daniel replies.

“What kind of freaky shit are you on this don’t make any sense.” But she said, “it’s perfect it’s funny. I didn’t think it was funny at all. Then Fat Boy said he would just put a little water on your feet while he did this dance routine.”

Fat Boy ended up pouring the whole bottle on Daniel’s feet to get a huge reaction out of the unexpected twist that made the video hilarious. Most people laughed at Daniel’s facial expressions. Yet he wanted more, but after reaching out and working with other IG comedians he quickly learned about the politics of “Doing It For The Gram!”

So he asked one of his friends with over 200K followers what did she do to get all those followers and “she said I said fuck it.” So that’s exactly what Daniel said.

“I said Fuck it. I said fuck it I’m going to put my relationship problems out here in the street and see what happens.”

That’s when he started making skits that were grounded in reality, using the people on the streets to add to the humor and shock value to his art. It’s so believable that he’s gotten recognized by NY Daily News, TMZ and other major outlets who don’t know exactly what’s going on.

“I know people think there is no way this guy is creative like that to do this skit like that,” Daniel reveals but what he’s doing it working building him a following of over 307K people. Now that’s funny.

You can hear more about Daniel Jean’s come up on Free Game w/ Xilla Valentine

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