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Beyonce, Jay Z OTR 2

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Saturday night was an eventful night for live music. Across the country, various artists were hitting the stage and they all had some wild and crazy things happening at the same time. Is Mercury still in Gatorade or what?

The craziest event of the night had to go to The Carters.

Let’s take a look at Beyonce and Jay Z’s On The Run II Tour in Atlanta. For the most part, the show was amazing. Almost everything went off without a hitch. Jay Z and Beyonce ran through all of their classics, Beyonce put on one hell of a show. Beyonce even gave Atlanta an amazing swag surf of all swag surfs.

Everything was going surprisingly well until the end of the show. Jay and Bey performed their final song of the night, “Apesh*t” and as they were making their exit, a crazed fan jumps on stage and chases behind them.

It was almost too crazy to be true but it really happened! Several videos began to pop up online showing a fan running on stage at the conclusion of the show. It’s unclear what his motives were but fortunately for us, Beyonce’s background dancers seemed to be military trained because they were able to apprehend him before he could get too close to the Carters (and by apprehend, we mean beat his a$$). Check out some of the videos below.

“Yo, Beyoncé’s dancers are RIDE OR DIE. Somebody jumped on the stage and the male dancers stomped him the fuck out,” said Twitter user @Burrrittanie.

There are so many questions that need to be answered. The first question being, where in the world was security at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium when this man was able to effortless hop on stage like this? The second question is, who all is getting fire? And the third and final question is, will Beyonce return to Atlanta after this?

All we truly know is that Bey and Jay are safe. Her dancers truly need a raise for their quick thinking because if it weren’t for them, things could have gone horribly wrong. Thankfully, the BeyHive does not come to play when it comes to protecting our hip hop royalty.

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