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A young barber from Philadelphia is using her skills to give back to her community. After successfully completing barber training, 8-year-old Neijae Graham-Henries has been offering free haircuts to kids in her neighborhood, CBS Philadelphia reported.

Graham-Henries began her cosmetology journey at the Junior Barber Academy in North Philadelphia over the summer, the news outlet writes. The program is led by P. Michael Boone who has been cutting hair for nearly three decades. It was created to teach young men all of the elements of barbering, including everything from clipper control to cleanliness. Initially, Graham-Henries’ brother was going to participate in the program but decided to not move forward. She chose to stick with it. After noticing her passion for cutting hair, Boone took the youngster under his wing.

“I never expected to see a young lady in my class, but she was eager to learn, and I gave her the same guidance I’d give my older students,” Boone told Yahoo News. “I am very proud of her. She was a great student, and I am excited to see where this will take her.” Boone recently organized a back to school event for children in the Philadelphia area where Graham-Henries helped him give nearly 400 students free haircuts.

“The whole process is to finish it and do it really good and to, like, style it good,” Graham-Henries told CBS Philadelphia. Boone is gearing up for another community service-focused project in November where he will cut hair for the homeless. He says the second grader will more than likely help him out with that project.

There are several people in Philadelphia using barbering as an avenue to give back to those in need. In 2017, after dedicating an entire year to walking the streets of the city to give free haircuts to the homeless, Brennon Jones was gifted with a fully-furnished barbershop to continue serving those in need.


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