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Sevyn is a friend of the program and as Keisha Nicole can attest, somebody who has been in the game for a minute. The pair linked on the heels of Sevyn’s new “Yernin” single dropped and dished on a few things including letting it slip that Nicki Minaj is going to be on the remix! Sevyn also revealed that plenty of people have slept on her in regards to the record but now that it’s taken off, they all want on.

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On sampling The Gap Band for “Yernin’”:

“My Dad literally would play nothing but bomb ass old school music. That was our thing. He would get off from work and put this big camcorder … sit it on his shoulder and that was his thing. I would come downstairs and lip sync to all the oldies. It’s a different level of talent. I love the Gap Band, I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love the Gap Band. It wasn’t hard to get that sample, now they took a nice little chunk (laughs) but they deserve that chunk. I didn’t care if they wanted to take the whole pie, I just knew that sample needed to be on that record. I didn’t care, I was just happy they were gracious enough to let me sample it. I love them for that.”

On the feel of the record:

“I feel I had to get some things off my chest. I felt that it’s a lot of n*ggas I didn’t necessarily have to prove myself to but I had to remind them of some sh*t. I’m appreciative of being a singer-songwriter but it’s not easy. For me it’s like 2 PM, 3 PM to 6 AM 7 AM. I take it so seriously. I respect that craft and for me with this record, I feel there’s a lot of things and attitude that I needed n*ggas to understand. I’m not talking about men specifically but people I think were non-believers. Whether it be an ex in the past who got too comfortable and forgot how great you are or whether it was anything.”

As far as dating? Sevyn says she’s in a relationship and is happy knowing that it’s not public! Watch the full interview up top and below.

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