Leah Lemonade: New Lifetime Series “Surviving R. Kelly”


As we all know R. Kelly hasn’t had the best few years when it comes to his accusation game. Women have come out left and right accusing him of sexual harassment and assault. His marriage to singer Aaliyah made people have their questions about his relationship with young women. An 18-year-old Jocelyn Savage’s parents went to police after claiming their daughter was being held hostage by the singer. As if he couldn’t get enough bad publicity, Lifetime is coming out with a series that’s airing out his dirty laundry…” allegedly.” According to Lifetime, the network has found over 50 people to talk about their past interactions with the singer. Also, people from R. Kelly’s inner circle have agreed to be apart of the docu-series being called “Surviving R. Kelly.” His ex-wife Andrea Kelly will tell her experiences and women who claim to be victims of Kelly.

Fabulous is told us he didn’t hit Emily B and he meant it. The rapper was in court on Monday for his charges for an alleged domestic dispute between him and his model girlfriend Emily B. He was charged with allegedly threatening to kill and using scissors as a weapon. Fab went to court and was offered a plea deal by prosecutors that would ensure that he wouldn’t land in jail…Well, Fab said what he said, he said no dice and decided that he wasn’t taking the deal. He would have had to agree to one count against him but I guess his dignity was more important. Emily B’s father who was seen arguing with Fabulous in video outside their home has had a change of heart. He’s willing to testify on the behalf of Fabulous in court, so maybe Fab is feeling confident that he will win.

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