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Insecure’s Amanda Seales stopped by the Angie Ange Morning Show to chat with Angie Ange and DJ Money while in town for her Smart, Funny and Black Tour.

During her conversation, Seales reflects on how important it is for black people to get out and vote, and make sure the voice of our people is heard, not just specifically the presidential race but from local judges and district attorneys to the governor. Seales’ suggest that improving polling places, with Dj’s or photo booths would incentivize black people to come out and vote. Just vote!

Seales’ hope that black people will actually take the ownership and use their voice to vote. Recognizing how important each election and how their vote will go a long way no matter the election is. Seales’ also does host Small Doses Podcast.

Amanda Seales’ Smart, Funny, and Black’s goal create a game show that serves as a safe space for the Black voice, and celebrates the many contributions Black Americans have made to history, pop culture and more.

For those looking to vote in the DMV – – Please see the below for Hours of Voting.

Voting Hours:

8:30am-7:00pm DC

7:00am-8:00pm MD

6:00am-7:00pm VA