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Agnez Mo is a star in the making, and the Indonesian born singer is ready to spread her stardom in the United States. She just recently released her new single “Overdose” with Chris Brown.

She tells DJ Caesar that her and Chris have nearly 12 songs together, and their music relationship started organically, originating from Instagram.

agnez mo

Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

On Chris Brown: 

He’s one of the hardest workers in the industry. We didn’t make music for any commercial reason, we just got together and created music that we enjoy and that the people can vibe too.

She premiered “Overdose” live on Boom 103.9 with DJ Caesar. After the song, DJ Caesar and Agnez spoke about the culture similarities and differences between Indonesia and the United States.

On Culture Difference and Why She Prefers NYC over LA: 

I tried to infuse some Indonesian dance within the “Overdose” video, even though there are plenty of differences, there are very many things the same.

I feel LA is to pretentious, and you have to be one thing, where NYC is more of a melting pot vibe that she enjoys.

“Your work is a part of you, but it isn’t you.”

She breaks down some producers she worked with, specifically Timbaland.

What She Gained From Working With Timbaland: 

It was a reminder to me that it’s okay to be meticulous. Working with a great like Timbaland taught me that way of thinking and working like that is okay, and is one of the reasons she moved to the USA to be around the best.

As the interview wrapped up, DJ Caesar and Agnez Mo discussed Nicki Minaj taking a shot at Michael B. Jordan on stage. We found out Agnez is in a relationship, so this isn’t something she would be doing. But hypothetically speaking, she would usually be more conservative approach when eyeing up a guy, but it depends of the energy.

On Reaching Out To Other Artists:

I would absolutely go after artists I want to work with. I will go up to them after shows and let them know that I’d love to work with them.

She also mentions Tyga and G-Eazy among artist that would sound good on a song, so that may be her letting us know that those collaborations are on the way!

Check out the full interview with DJ Caesar and Agnez Mo above!

Working With The Greats, Agnez Mo Realizes There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Meticulous  was originally published on boomphilly.com

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