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“Not All Heroes Wear Capes” is the name of Metro Boomin’s new album but is also a very true statement. We had the pleasure of meeting one of those heroes today on Angie Ange in the Morning.

Grace McKinnon saved a homeless life when a police officer had him at gunpoint. Now, Grace, who is a social worker has dealt with an array of situation in her line of work but when she was driving on her way to get her lunch that afternoon after a hospital visit, she wasn’t expecting this to happen. She saw the situation happening while she was inside of her and decided she needed to intervene. “I put my car in park, turned my hazards on and was like, I gotta record. So, I took a deep breath, got out the car and that’s when you see the video begin.”

The video Grace is referring has gone viral. In the video you can see the situation between the homeless man and the officer. Both looked very scared of what could or may happen. Grace was there to help keep things calm so she spoke to the homeless saying “just calm down, you know, stay on the ground”. Grace admits that she had no idea what was going on and who was at fault but all that matter to her was saving a life, “ I couldn’t see another Black brother die”.

Grace has received some backlash for putting her life in danger but she believes that positive thinking and a positive mindset is what made the situation run smooth. She has no started to collect coats and other necessities on behalf of Anthony, who was the homeless man Grace saved.