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Offset made the news again this week but not because he made another extravagant attempt to win back his estranged wife, Cardi B. A man who is allegedly the Migos rapper’s stepfather shared a Facebook post that blasted Cardi and fans were shocked to find that he and Offset’s mother were a college-educated married couple from the suburbs.

Temple University professor Aaron X Smith spoke with about the notion that a Black person in America can have a two-parent suburban upbringing yet still be swept up in the lure of the streets. When fans realized Offset’s backstory, which was reportedly known throughout his fanbase and the industry, some of them questioned his alleged gang ties and tough talk. Professor Smith dispelled the critics in the brief chat.


The assistant professor in the department of Africology and African American Studies known for creating the “Tupac & the Hip Hop Revolution” class said the social media hype is more a reflection of Americans’ perceptions of people based on where they live.

“We tend to think that crime only happens in certain kinds of places,” he said. “Or, we follow the conservative narrative around the problems with broken homes that has created a mythology about the impact of a mere presence of a father.”

In reality, Smith said, “There’s more drug abuse going on in the suburbs or in the average college dorm than in the hood.”

Offset has been arrested and jailed on charges of marijuana and gun possession, Smith said. And growing up in the suburbs doesn’t mean you won’t have negative encounters with police.

“Having a father isn’t going to stop you from being stopped, stripped and searched, disproportionally sentenced and being shot dead in the streets,” Smith said. “That can happen with two parents and a nice house. You don’t stop being black because you move down the street.”

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