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According to the Atlanta Black Star, Yasmine James may still be employed by the restaurant, but on paid leave.

We’re still waiting to learn additional information. The full story is below.


A McDonald’s employee in St. Petersburg, Florida defended herself when a man physically assaulted her.

The video, shot by patron TJ Biandudi went viral on social media this weekend when 40-year-old Daniel Willis Taylor, allegedly upset because he wanted a straw, grabbed McDonald’s employee Yasmine James, yanking her over the counter according to a police report.

James began punching the man in defense before the two are separated. “I want her ass fired right now,” Taylor said.

“No, you’re finna go to jail,” James yelled back. “You put your hands on me first!”

Taylor responded, “I couldn’t control you. I was just asking you a question, b*tch!”

It’s unconfirmed whether or not James was fired.

Taylor asked for a refund according to the police report but was later arrested and charged with two counts of simple battery. A witness says Taylor kicked another female employee as he was leaving.

“The victim was kicked in the stomach by the defendant and was complaining of pain,” the police report stated. “The defendant was a customer at McDonald’s, and the victim is an employee. The defendant was being escorted out of the business by management due to him battering another employee, and causing a disturbance.”

“Our highest priority is always the safety and well-being of our employees and customers at our restaurants,” McDonald’s spokesman Khim Aday said in an email. “We have been in contact with the police department and are fully cooperating with their investigation.”



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