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“Surviving R. Kelly” is turning out to be a real and true life scandal. The docu-series premiering on Lifetime tells the stories of R. Kelly’s alleged victims of sexual, mental, and physical abuse telling their stories about their interactions with the singer. Even his ex wife Andrea Lee is going to be on the docu-series. The three premieres tonight on Lifetime.

Here’s a look at the Trailer:


Well apparently R. Kelly and his lawyers aren’t feeling it. His lawyers claimed that if Lifetime went forward with premiering the 3 part special that they would sue the TV station. Well Lifetime has made a public statement saying that their brand is about telling the the stories on women and the docu-series will play tonight. Some of our favorite celebrities declined to be interviewed for Lifetimes’s special. Executive producer Dream Hampton says that stars like Jay Z,  Quest Love, Erykah Budu, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga and Dave Chappelle all declined to talk about their relationship with R. Kelly.

The late singer Aaliyah mother wasn’t pleased with negative things being said about the late singer. If you want to hear her official statement on the docu=series listen to Leah’s Lemonade above.


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