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We start tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Miami at Bobby Lytes’ video shoot for, “Bang Bang,” and Trina is there to support her cousin. This is really actually set up for Trina to discuss how she’s building her label, Rockstarr Music Group. Bobby Lytes wants to be down but Trina is still hesitant because she feels like working with family can bring unnecessary drama, so she’s cautiously considering Bobby.

Veronica Vega is back. She has been working with Polow Da Don and here they have an urgent meeting in Atlanta. This meeting isn’t a good one. He tells her that he put up his house to finance her career and has spent over a million but the return hasn’t been worth it thus far. He’s tired of her going viral for all the wrong reasons and tells her it’s time to show and prove with the music, not beef and not slanging the n-word around like it’s going out of style. Veronica says she’s going to step it up, but you already know what happens in situations like this—she takes all her pain to her family (her grandma and sister) and explains what’s going on. Then she makes a teary plea about how she can’t fail because she has the burden of taking care of them on her shoulders. You know this is an attempt to humanize her since people think she’s a bully based on last season. Anyway, her relatives give her words of encouragement, yatta, yatta. We’ll see what she does now that she knows she has to do better.

Gunplay meets up with Keyara to try to make amends. He brings her a kitten as a gift because she likes cats. And um…

Anyway, the feline is cute and all but Keyara is still mad at him even after getting the gift, and she plays hardball. He mentions that he’s going to New York to do some press and wants her to come with him for a change of atmosphere and so they can talk about how they can move forward. Keyara neither says yes or no and says she just needs a minute to think about things but already gives him conditions under which she would go (like them not sleeping in the same bed, for example).

This is how shocked we’ll be if she turns him down.

Remember when Trina got Shay together at the Love and Hip-Hop Miami reunion last season? That situation stemmed from Shay’s beef with Trina’s cousin, Joy (over Pleasure P). Anyway, they still had tension from that situation so Shay decided to reach out to Trina to try to square away their issues. Shay actually comes into the situation turned down (even she knows that beefing with Trina ain’t the move), and explains her side of why she’s upset. Shay basically said she was upset because Pleasure P was shady about Joy throughout their relationship. She would always ask to meet Joy since that was supposed to be his bestie, but Pleasure P would hide her and generally make excuses. Trina brings up a great point, which is that Pleasure P is the one Shay really needs to be mad at and of course, she wants Shay and Joy to have a peace talk.

Let’s cut to that moment…

The episode winds down with Trina mediating Joy and Shay as the latter two talk aggressively to each other. To be fair, Shay came out the gate aggress and Joy just reacted. However, Trina is a good mediator and does a good job of reeling both women in and conveying both sides. In the end, Trina gets them to calm down and explains that they both need to grow up and move on. They seem cool for now, but will they drop the beef? We don’t quite know just yet.


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