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Does boycotting Gucci include even saying it’s name in a song? We’re not totally sure but that’s the route that Lil Pump has decided to go as he’s confirmed that he will indeed join the boycott of the controversial brand, but will continue to perform his breakout hit “Gucci Gang.”

On Wednesday (Feb. 13) the Colombian-American artist took to his IG page to condemn the brand’s recent attempt to bubble blackface inspired balaclava sweaters like it’s all good.

“Hey listen, with all that shit going on with Gucci. I am not supporting that shit,” Pump stated before saying “All that racist shit, no sir! No, sir!”

As for his breakout hit “Gucci Gang”? Well, that’s another story on it’s own.

“That done song changed my life so that’s the only reason why I will keep performing that song, ’cause that’s the song that changed my life. I went from broke to rich to that song. So, you know, it is what it is.”

Well, we guess that’s understandable even though Gucci will continue to get free promotion.

Still, we have to give it up to artists like T.I., Pump, Soulja Boy and others who peep game and have joined the boycott unlike Floyd Mayweather and Kodak Black who don’t seem to care about getting people to respect the Black community. Heck, even Dapper Don who gets paid by Gucci had some harsh words for the company.

Check out Lil Pump’s announcement below and let us know your thoughts on the situation.

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