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This morning we and some of our listeners shared some of our crazy experiences riding with Uber or Lyft after hearing the story about a driver who ended up fighting another drive while a customer was in the car.

Thankfully all the people involved are safe and that Uber driver is no longer employed by them but as Angie Ange shared in her HOT TOPIC, if you are out drinking calling an Uber or Lyft is the better choice than trying to drive. Unfortunately so many people think they are “good” enough to get home and then kill innocent people because they are intoxicated. Angie has been following story where a mother lost her children in a car crash with a drunk driver. She had to bury her small children for someone else’s mistake. This was something that could have easily been avoided.

There are so many options to make sure that you and those around you can get home safely. Uber, Lyft, Metro, Taxi, Bus, Call a friend and there are so many other ride options. NO MORE DRUNK DRIVING!