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YNW Melly Police Booking Photo

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The YNW Melly story just gets stranger and stranger. According to cops, the rapper rode around with the dead bodies of the friends he allegedly murdered in order to fake a drive-by shooting.

The dastardly scheme was revealed in the police report.

Per TMZ:

According to YNW’s booking report out of Miramar, FL — obtained by TMZ — the rapper’s friend, Cortlen Henry, drove to an ER in the wee hours of Oct. 26, asking for help for his two friends in his car, whom he claimed had been shot in a drive-by.

Cops say that the victims — Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. — were pronounced dead at the hospital. They were both shot in the head, torso and back. Police say it was a grisly scene … blood splattered about the car. 

Cortlen told police he and his two pals had just wrapped a late night studio sesh, and as he was pulling off the freeway … a car pulled up on his driver’s side and opened fire. Cops confirm there were 8 bullet holes along the right side of the vehicle — where Williams and Thomas sat. Cortlen escaped injury.

And this is where the alibis of YNW Melly, born Jamell Demons, and Henry aka YNW Bortlen went completely to sh*t.

As police investigated Henry’s account, they found forensic evidence leading them to believe he lied and was covering up a very different murder.

Cops say they found a shell casing inside the vehicle, along with 8 matching shell casings in a different location, where cops think YNW and Henry shot up the car to make it look like a drive-by.

Cops say the initial shot was fired from inside the vehicle — not outside, as Henry claimed — and originated from the left rear passenger side of the car, which is where they say they later discovered YNW had been sitting.

Police say surveillance footage from the recording studio shows YNW, Henry, Williams and Thomas getting in the car to leave. YNW got into the back left seat.

How To Get Away With Murder this is not.

YNW Melly and Henry have both been charged with first-degree murder. If convicted, they may face the death penalty.

Expect one of them to start dropping dime on the other, if it hasn’t happened already.

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