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A scary and shocking revelation on social media sites and Youtube. There’s a challenge called the MoMo challenge where a creepy looking meme figure pops up on child friendly content and instructs children to self harm themselves or commit suicide. The challenge is being alleged to be linked to at least two child suicides in the world. When police investigated both deaths they found phone records that was linked back to the challenge.

This has been caused parents to post online about accounts of seeing the messages in the videos. The viewer is prompted to reach out to Momo via What’s Up and once signing on the messaging app, they have exchanges where Momo asks them to do a set off challenges that can hurt and or kill to person who participates.  Some of the tasks include taking spills or turning an oven on.

While Youtube is aware of the issue and has taken down any videos that have been flagged by users, YouTube says it hasn’t received any evidence of videos showing or promoting the “Momo Challenge” on its platform. If it does exits, YouTube says it would be a clear violation of its policies … and would, therefore, be removed immediately.

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